1. May 30, 2013

    Roanoke, Virginia

    Please Share! My horse stolen from my farm while I was finishing radiation treatment out of town: Fortune, 16.3 bright bay HolsteinerX with blaze, left hind sock and big, old fashioned, head. Was stolen when a former boarder was moving her two horses and created a diversion to allow a known kill buyer to sneak Fortune through a side door and into the trailer. Please share this with anyone who knows the auction circuits. I fear he may ship directly to slaughter for a few bucks. The local police were little help since I’m out of town but I will get a file reported locally and with state police as it was criminal, not civil. Please keep an eye out for him… super sweet, cuddly kind of horse but will give the hairy eyeball in some situations.

    Stolen on 5/29/13 from outside Roanoke Virginia by Rachel Hobbs Bonham and known kill buyer Ronnie Patsel.

    Animal control tells me that once I’m home and can take my paperwork proving ownership to the magistrate, that charges should be filed. Until then they say it’s an issue of my friend’s word against the thieves. I’m trying to make it home tonight. Thank you for the shares”


    -Samantha Arnholt on Facebook


    Fortune is safe! The police know where he is and have told the people that have him that he can’t to be moved till I meet with the commonwealth attorney to go over my paperwork. I can’t believe how many shares his picture had and how many leads it generated. Thank you all for your help and support.”


    (And also, thank you all for spreading this around so!)

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